CBBAG SWO has a small library of tools that members are able to access and borrow from. To borrow from our Tool Lending Library you must be a member of CBBAG, have proper training (for certain tools), and put down a deposit when tools are borrowed.


Here you will find a list of the available tools we have to loan and information about them. To borrow from the lending library please contact us at: cbbag.swochapter@gmail.com


7. Day 1 - tools.jpg

Bookbinding Tool Kit

This basic tool kit contains everything you need to start your bookbinding projects!


  • Straightedge

  • Square

  • Slitting knife

  • Dividers

  • Scissors

  • Awl

  • Bone folder

  • Micro spatula

  • Olaf knife

  • Scalpel 

  • Sewing needle 

Horton Presses

These presses will allow you to press your papers, nip your books, or stand them on their side and use for backing and finishing. 

Backing Boards

Backing boards for use in finishing press. These boards are used for rounding the spines of textblocks. Three sizes: 5.5", 9", and 12"

Scharfix Leather Paring Machine

This machine allows for ease of paring edges of leather.  Introduce to Leather course, or experience with leather required for borrowing this item.


Marbling Supplies

Everything you need to do a marbling day. We have: pipettes, paint, measuring spoons, sponges,  brushes, combs, trays, plastic sheets, buckets, and drying racks. We also have spare carrageean at times. 

Finishing Tools

We have a set of 32 gold finishing tools. The prerequisite for borrowing these tools is to have taken the Finishing Course, or have previous experience in gold finishing. 


Baby Jane Etching Press

The etching press is great if you're interested in printmaking! Carve out a lino cut image and make a series of print with this easy to use press. Previous experience is required, ask us how you can get training on the use of press before borrowing it!

Coming soon: Finishing press and tie up bars


Online Teaching Equipment

We have a pair of soft box lights, a snowball microphone, and a webcam available for teachers who want to teach online.