Recommended Books

Bookbinding Manuals/History

  • Thames And Hudson Manual Of Bookbinding 

    • By: Arthur W Johnson

  • The Archaeology of Medieval Bookbinding

    • By: János Alexander Szirmai

  • A History of English Craft Bookbinding Technique 

    • By: Bernard C. Middleton

  • Bookbinding Materials and Techniques, 1700 – 1920

    • By: Margaret Locke

  • ​​Japanese Bookbinding: Instructions from A Master Craftsman 

    • By: Kojiro Ikegami

  • Endbands From East to West How to work them

    • By: Jane Greenfield & Jenny Hille

  • Bookbinding: Its Background and Technique (Two volumes bound as one)

    • By: Edith Diehl. 

Restoration Manuals 

  • The Restoration Of Leather Bindings

    • By: Bernard C. Middleton

  • The Practical Guide to Book Repair and Conservation

    • By: Arthur W. Johnson


Boxes & Protective Enclosures

  • Books, Boxes & Portfolios: Binding, Construct and Design, Step-By-Step

    • By: Franz Zeier

  • Boxes for the protection of rare books : their design & construction

    • By: Margaret R. Brown, with the assistance of Don. Etherington and Linda K. Ogden

Folding & Non-Adhesive Structures

  • Non-Adhesive Binding: Books without Paste or Glue (Volume 1)

    • By: Keith A. Smith

  • The Art of the Fold: How to Make Innovative Books and Paper Structures

    • By: Hedi Kyle and Ulla Warchol




  • Encyclopedia of the Book

    • By: Geoffry Ashall Glaister

  • Books Will Speak Plain: A Handbook for Identifying and Describing Historical Bindings

    • By: Julia Miller​

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